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How can I make the viewer look at something we rather not pay our attention to? My work is a critique towards the food and meat industry and its marketing techniques used toward children. As an artist, I could never resonate with the provocative activist approach of making others aware of your point of view. I therefore focus on very specific food items that bother me, combining humour and childish elements to show my opinion in a light-hearted way. I amplify this by adding daily objects seen in supermarkets to form an installation. I get inspiration from the use of animals in or as products, in the broadest sense. What I find especially interesting is food that is processed in amusing shapes to get children’s attention. I exaggerate the fakeness of food by recreating it into ceramics. With these new creations, I invite you to see the subjects in a new perspective.


May contain traces of: lightheartedness, satire, animals, bright colours and youthfulness.

Best before: until no longer necessary. 




2018 - 2022: Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, Fine-Art Photography



2022 September - 'Tijgerbrood met berenworst', Springplank Kunstroute, Utrecht (Steenweg 26)

2022 August  - 'Tijgerbrood met berenworst', Upscale Galerie, Rotterdam (solo) 

2022 July - 'Tijgerbrood met berenworst', Graduation Show, Willem de Kooning Academie

2021 - Creating Connections and Rethinking Surroundings, De Wasserij Rotterdam

2021 - Nieuweg Tuinfeest, Buurtboerderij Nieuweg Haarlem

2019 - Making (a) Public, Soda Fabriek Schiedam 

(Online) Representation

Gallery Brievenbuskunst

Art fairs

2021 - this art fair (with Benjamin Li), Amsterdam


2021 - Internship Benjamin Li

2021 - Internship Kira Fröse 

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